Excellent flavor, Mullet Egg

Mullet is the most important species of fish that grows in the natural environment of Dalyan. Kefal Egg is one of the flavors you should taste in Dalyan with its unique flavor and high protein content.

Dalyan Canals are the breeding ground for many fish. The most important of these is mullet fish. In Dalyan Canals, for example, species such as Sarıkulak, Mavri, Thin Lips are produced in canals with natural immersion method and exported both domestically and abroad. Dalyan Kefali, which has excellent taste, can be found at a very affordable price in the region. In proportion to this, Mullet Egg also comes across as a delicious type of food unique to the region.

One of the most important products of Dalyan Mullet is Caviar, with its local name, Fiska. During the spawning times of the fish, Fiska, obtained from Kefal Fish, which is kept in a certain amount, is produced and embalmed by DALKO Dalyan Fisheries Cooperative. Fiska, which is in great demand due to its very high content of protein, can be consumed as a luxury and expensive foodstuff in Turkey and the world. However, because it is a place of production, it is possible to find Kefal Caviar, i.e. Fiska, at a very affordable price in Dalyan. You can buy Fiska, which is consumed by the locals from breakfast, meals during the day, and as an appetizer, from the outlets of DALKO Dalyan Fisheries Cooperative and cook it at home.

Mullet Egg, which the cooperative produces in such a way that it can be stored for a long time with the embalming system, is sold today in many parts of the world for luxury and very expensive.

You can also taste meals and appetizers made with Fiska at a very affordable price in the restaurants and hotels in the area.


Fish Eggs can be consumed in various ways.

If the Mullet egg in your hand is waxed, you can scrape the candle off the outside and consume it raw.

You can roast waxed or fresh Mullet Egg with olive oil in the pan and eat it simply or by breaking eggs on top.

In addition, Caviar Meatballs will add flavor to your table as an excellent flavor.

  • Caviar dumplings
    • Ingredients: 300 grams mullet caviar, 2 tablespoons flour, Finely chopped parsley, 1 egg, Salt, Pepper, Oil
    • Construction: Wash the caviar. Take a strainer to drain the water. Remove the membrane on the filtered caviar. Put the caviar in a bowl. Add the eggs, flour, parsley, salt, and pepper and stir. Put oil in a pan and heat on the stove. Pour the caviar into the hot oil with a tablespoon and fry with the back. Enjoy your meal.

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