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Dalyan Rock Tombs, which are among the most important images of Turkey in the world, attract millions of tourists to Dalyan every year.

Dalyan Rock Tombs, which date back to B.C. and have survived for nearly 3,000 years, are located within the boundaries of Çandir Neighborhood. It is believed that the Rock Tombs, which are built as high as possible for kings and important people who are meant to be close to God, also give important clues to the world of today about the Kaunos and the funeral rituals of that time. It is estimated that the Dalyan Rock Tombs were not completed due to the invasion of Alexander the Great or the Persians.

Kaya Mezarları

The tombs with temple façades constitute the most important group among the rock tombs. Like the triangular upper façade carried by the pillars, the temple-fronted rock tombs consisting of the room and burial chamber, the temple-fronted landings where the containers where the remains of the cremated dead are collected are also noted.

Dalyan Rock Tombs, which are not understood how and with what tools can be made thousands of years ago, fascinate the viewers with its independent view of the mountain in which it was carved. Especially in the evenings, with the lighting, it gives visitors a different pleasure.

Photos: Mete Sonmez

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